End of Summer?

End of Summer?

It’s September!!! Where did the summer go? Ours has been a blur of Inspections, producing, deliveries, weddings, events, shop and shows.

Firstly, we had our ‘Conditional’ approval to manufacture Ice-Cream from the farm. Whilst this was welcome we still found ourselves going back and for between the farm and Food Centre Wales whilst we waited for our new approval number and then new labels – so during what is our busiest ‘making’ time we were facing some frustrating hold ups and we thank all our stockists for their patience with this.

Our ‘Full’ approval happened the week before the County Show – so no time to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. There are pros and cons to everything and for us the pros of now making at home include being able to make ice-cream whenever we like, no travelling and being able to experiment with flavours and include sorbets to our range. The cons include – being able to make ice-cream whenever we like – we are making ice-cream at the most ridiculous hours, being accessible to anyone who needs to get hold of us and not being amongst the fab folk of Food Centre Wales.

I have loved doing the Weddings and we thank the lovely Brides and Grooms for putting their trust in us and letting us be part of their special day – we have absolutely loved them!

We have attended a number of Shows including Fishguard (where being placed next to the fabulous guys from Twirly Bakes proved a very good combo), Hayscastle and of course the Pembrokeshire County Show – where I think it’s safe to say we had an extremely successful show!!! It was the first event where ALL our Ice-Cream and Sorbets had been made on the farm.

We launched the two winning Ice-Cream flavours from our Birthday Competition and also the winning Ice-Cream from the Ice-Cream Challenge which I was so so fortunate to have been asked to be involved with at Pembrokeshire College again.

I can’t thank our staff enough – it was such a busy three days – I wasn’t sure that they weren’t all going to resign by the Thursday!!! Also, a huge thank you to all who queued for one of our Ice-Creams – it was really humbling to see the queues and to hear the lovely feedback.

It was also a time to catch up with old friends and we met some lovely new ones too – we may well have even had some chats with other producers for some meeting of minds – or rather products which may well end up as an ice-cream or sorbet too – looking forward to some experimenting!

We were also delighted to have been asked to supply the fabulous DPJ stand with Ice-Cream and we were so happy to do so – in fact they had the first ‘little’ pots that we produced at home on the farm with the new labels!

Our big man – or ‘The Manager’ as he’s now renamed himself – finished his time at Ysgol Bro Gwaun and will now move on to Pembrokeshire College. The little man has become a teenager and we have a new little niece. The big man (Manager), Matthew and Matthew’s parents were involved with the choir for the Royal Welsh Show – expertly led by Marilyn Lewis – one of the very few people that ‘The Manager’ will listen to!

The shop down by the Riverside is now run by the fabulous Teleri – who I swear is an angel that’s been sent to us – she’s taken to it like a duck to water and the customers and the staff all seem to love her which is a bonus!

Our little team have proved they have brains as well as beauty!

Georgia, having done so incredibly well in her A-levels will be saying a temporary ‘Hwyl Fawr’ as she leaves us for College – have a fabulous time lovely and we’ll see you in December.

The (cough) Manager, Mary and Chloe have all done fantastically well in their GCSE’s and now go on to either A-levels or Courses at School and Pembrokeshire College – but they’ll still be around to annoy Teleri!!!

I’ll end with the words Matthew dreads hearing from me, ‘I’ve been thinking …..’