FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who are we?

Lochmeyler Farm is a Dairy Farm just outside Llandeloy, 4 miles inland from Solva and Mathry. We have 350 cows on a spring calving system. Find out more here.


Do you supply Wholesale?

Yes. A Wholesale food business supplying food of animal origin requires approval by a competent authority under Regulations 853/2004 and we have been approved as a food Establishment to handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin by Pembrokeshire County Council.


Do you have full ingredient/nutritional lists?

Yes. Each product is either fully labelled (if being sold in its’ packaging to consumers) or is supplied with a full spec sheet (if being used as part of your menu).


Some of your products show allergens that are not in the ingredient list?

We have full spec sheets for all the ingredients used in our products. Whilst an allergen may not be in an ingredient it may be highlighted on their spec sheets as a possible production cross-contamination presence.


Do you have an allergen list?

Yes. We have put together a full allergen list of all of our products available for Wholesale in this pack.


Are all your products available to anyone?


Some of our products contain alcohol. Law dictates that if a product contains more than 0.5% alcohol it can only be sold to a licensed premises.

We have some flavours that we can only sell in our shop or at events as we do not have full nutritional value to be able to give for Wholesale.

We are also happy to make bespoke flavours just for you which will then not be available for Wholesale to anyone else. We would ask that if possible we are permitted by you to sell that flavour direct to consumers in our shop or at events that we attend. Ingredients must be from a reputable source and be approved before we can agree to this.


Do you deliver?

Yes. We have our own freezer van to do deliveries and have a strict system to prove how, when and where our products are delivered. We are happy to deliver at a time that suits you and are more than happy to put the products away for you in the place of your choosing.


Do you supply POS items?

Yes. We can supply pavement signs and flags at cost price. We also have window posters to say our Ice Cream is available at your place.


Do you supply freezers?

Yes. We have put together two Special Offer packages for 2019 offering two different types of freezers along with other items to help start you off. We have both of these freezers ourselves and are happy for you to come and see them.


Do you supply scoops?

No. We have been through hundreds ourselves and have learned this is very much a personal choice – we can however let you know which ones’ we like and which ones’ we don’t!


Do you do discounts?

If you order the 4.75 litre tubs then you will get the 10th free (you don’t have to buy 10 in one go – we’ll keep a tab).


If there is anything we haven’t covered here please do not hesitate to contact us to ask.