Our Ice Cream and Sorbet Flavours

Our ice cream and sorbet flavours:


The whole process from milking to making happens on the farm! There’s no big factory – just Matthew and Margo.


Youngest son Carwyn has been known to don his special wellies and hair net and spend hours putting lids on tubs (photographic evidence of this has been strictly forbidden – we have been warned!).


Eldest son Morgan has been found to have a surprising skill in selling ice cream in our shop in Haverfordwest and at events – for a grumpy teenager, no one was more delighted with this than his parents!


We have over 40 flavours of dairy ice cream and sorbets with 4 award winning flavours – to our delight one of those being our ‘Traditional Milk’ or nicknamed ‘No there’s no Vanilla in it’ as this flavour, as well as being absolutely amazing on its own, acts as the base for ALL our other ice cream flavours.


Our favourite flavours are one’s where we use other local ingredients – such as Pembrokeshire Salted Caramel, Welsh Cake, Marmalade and Christmas Pudding Trwffl – it’s always brilliant when you find and taste something that you know is just going to be fabulous in an ice cream.


The Pembrokeshire Producers whose products we use are: Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co, Farmers Food at Home, Trwffl, Farm Cottage Bakery, Barti Rum, Scolton Manor Honey.


If you happen to have an amazing product that you think we just need to try in our ice cream please get in touch – we’re always open to new flavours and ideas.



Your favourite not there?


Don’t worry we are sure to be able to make something special for you! Sorbets also available.


Get in touch for more information on: 01348 837724 or [email protected]